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What to bring for your pet's sleepover with us...

Rainy Days is dedicated to providing the best  for  your dog with a great place to relax and have fun. Knowing your pet is in great safe handling is out number one priority!  Watch them play on the Live Camera

Please bring or send in the following when boarding your dog : ​

  • collar & leash 

  • food (preferably in a resealable bag/container WITH NAME) 

  • medications with detailed instructions 

  • vaccination records.

  • Flat rate $5 per week Mon-Sun for medications

  • $5 per dog per day for house food.

  • FREE treats 

  • Private kennels.

  • CLEAN Large play area and quiet sleep area for dogs.

 Boarding drop-off/pick-up: anytime during daycare hours of 6am-7pm next day

ex. drop of at 8am friday morning and pick up sunday evening at 6pm = x2/nights = $116 total

Boarding is $58/night flat rate, no hidden fees or additional daycare costs.

multiple day packages available.

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