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Boarding and Training 

 Week Board & Train Program 

*This is NOT for aggressive dogs or dogs with behavioral issues*


3-weeks Board & Train Program For dogs 16 weeks and older($2,200)

  • Obedience Training

  • Attention

  • Sit, Stay, Down, Come

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Leave it, Drop it, and Go to place.



Common Behavioral issues: Jumping (on family or visitors), Barking, Mouthing, Destruction/Chewing, Door-darting, Yard escaping, Digging, Counter-surfing, and any other issue you have that you would like corrected.

Customized training for you and your dog: We tailor your dog training program to accommodate your unique situation.

Duration: Your dog will stay with us and have 6 days and 5 nights of love attention and learning. At pick up on the 6th day you will have a one-hour personal session with the Trainer and your dog. In this session your dog will be excited to show off what they have accomplished and learned. You will be given a new set of skills to work on and incorporate in your home along with all the tools, guidelines, and boundaries for a successful, happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog.

Choosing this Service is a great way to provide quality personal training for your furry family member. Lodge and Train gives your dog a better chance to work through issues and develop vital skills in a focused and positive learning environment while getting constant constructive attention and love in our home. Transitioning from your home to ours and then from our home to yours is a smooth and positive experience for both owner and dog. We look forward to making your furry loved one a part of our home and family!

Each dog will receive individual attention. We take a maximum of only two dogs for our lodge and train program at a time so hurry and reserve your spot.


3-weeks Board & Train Program

For puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks ($2,100)

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • Socialization

  • Introduction to all basic training commands

  • Leash Training

  • and Impulse Control Training

Duration: Your puppy will stay with us and have 6 days and 5 nights of love, attention, and learning.

Choosing this Service gets you started off on the right paw! During the first 16 weeks your puppy is soaking in all of life, and learning a ton. Whether you know it or not, you become your puppy’s teacher the moment you hold the cute little fur ball in your arms and bring them home. They are learning socialization skills from YOU, like what to think about new sounds, situations, and places, where and when to potty, eat, sleep, and play, as well as who the leader is in your family. Hint (that leader is YOU and any other human in the home). Feeling overwhelmed??? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! We are here to help you learn the tools to build a Happy and Healthy Bond for life!

Each puppy will have individual attention. We take a maximum of two puppies at a time for this service so hurry and get your spot.

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