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How Does Grooming Pricing Work?

You are looking around the area for a cheap groomer to groom your dog, but all the prices are outrageous! You are infuriated with your results of all the expensive grooming places in Fargo. Let's break down the price of grooming your dog –so no more frustration!

Average costs for grooming

There are many variables that go into pricing each groom. That makes it difficult to give a firm cost prior to the grooming appointment. Hopefully, the following information can help you better understand the cost.


All pricing is estimated!


Factors of price

Size of Dog - weight & height of the dog may affect the grooming price

Dog Breed - ear shape, eye shape, & other factors are considered when pricing a groom

Fur Condition - matted or dirty fur can affect the price of a groom

Doodle Pricing

Doodles vary in shape, size and coat type.  Because of this, we can not give a exact estimate.

Here is how we break it down... However many small dogs we can do in the same amount of time as one doodle is what we charge!

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