Our Story

Rainy Days was founded when our puppy, Reign (a min-pin mix), had too much energy and as the weather got colder had nowhere else to go. I thought it was absolutely crazy that Fargo, located in one of the coldest states in the country, had nowhere for dogs and humans to socialize and play in a climate controlled environment.

I started to fall in love with the idea of an indoor dog park! I wanted to solve problems that dogs/dog owners in our area face such as, hot summer days, cold and frigid winters, and rainy/muddy days. After two years of non-stop work, we were able to find a building and some of our first members. Our dream was brought to life thanks to the overwhelming support of the dog community!


Rainy Days is not just a place for dogs to burn off energy. It's a welcoming community for humans to unwind, relax, or socialize. We are a safe place for everyone to enjoy!

Rainy Days Reign